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Welcome to Integrity Mortgage, your trusted Maine mortgage lender company focusing on residential mortgages and refinancing. With years of experience and a dedication to honesty and integrity, we are committed to finding the right mortgage solution for you.

Welcome to the Team

We are happy to welcome Casey Hamlin to the Integrity Mortgage team!


Integrity Mortgage, LLC

Integrity Mortgage, LLC is a locally-owned Maine mortgage lender and one of the top home mortgage lenders in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Florida. We pride ourselves on providing a lending process where every aspect is handled under one roof. Our team takes the entire process locally, from the beginning of our initial conversation to signing the papers at closing.

As one of the best mortgage lenders in Maine, our top priority is to make sure you feel supported every step of the way while providing you with a hands-on and stress-free home buying experience.

At Integrity Mortgage, LLC, you are a customer and our partner in your home purchase. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have owned multiple homes, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your homeownership goals become a reality.

Integrity Mortgage, LLC consists of over 20 experienced loan officers and an administrative team that is highly knowledgeable in mortgage financing. Our entire team is ready to stand beside you on one of the most important decisions of your life – homeownership!


Maine Mortgage Lender Established in 2019

We are proud to have helped numerous families and individuals with their real estate endeavors since 2019 by providing expert advice and service as a Maine mortgage lender. Simply put, we’re not happy unless you’re satisfied with your home buying experience.

Whether it’s helping you navigate through an unfamiliar financial process or answering any questions you have about the home buying process, you can count on Integrity Mortgage to be there for you.

Also, listed amongst the top mortgage lenders in Florida, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we understand the full range of needs, expenses, and challenges of owning a home. We serve home buyers from different backgrounds and stages of life, including first-time homebuyers, seasoned veterans looking for the best possible rate, empty nesters who want to downsize, and relocation buyers who need expert advice and guidance.

Whether it’s a complex loan or a simple question, we want to help make your home buying experience an easy one!


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Your Mortgage Loan Options

Different loans have different terms and requirements. Knowing what kind of loan is most appropriate for you is the difference between an easy and smooth process and a stressful and unexpected one. We have many resources here at Integrity Mortgage, LLC to help guide you through the loan process.

Conventional Loans

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of securing a loan, but conventional loans can be just as easy to obtain and even cheaper than FHA. Conventional loans have no government backing like an FHA, which means they cost less for the borrower. Although it may require some time or more leg work on your part to find out about these types of mortgage options, you won’t regret taking that extra step to save big money down the line!

FHA Loans

Getting an FHA loan in Maine or any other state is a great way to start your home ownership journey. FHA loans are a government-backed mortgage option that private lenders offer. Loans for FHA mortgages can be obtained through Integrity Mortgage, and the interest rates vary depending on what type of loan you choose to take out (fixed-rate or adjustable). What all Maine FHA loans have in common is that they adhere to standards set at a federal level, not just those set by the lender. Be aware that as the prime mortgage rate varies, the terms of new FHA loans may be affected. As with any other adjustable rate loan, adjustable rate FHA loans’ interest rates will fluctuate accordingly.

VA Loans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a loan program for eligible veterans, current service members, and surviving spouses. The loans are made by private lenders and guaranteed by the VA. It is an excellent way to get into homeownership with minimal out-of-pocket expense as it costs little to nothing upfront or in interest payments!

USDA loan (or rural development loan)

Integrity Mortgage, LLC is a top lender for USDA loans in Maine. The USDA loan program, also known as the rural development loan, is an excellent option for those who live in rural areas and are looking to purchase a home with little to no down payment. The program is designed to help low-income borrowers get into homeownership with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

If you’re interested in a USDA loan in Maine or New Hampshire, our team can help you understand the process and your eligibility. With over 20 experienced loan officers and an administrative team that is highly knowledgeable in mortgage financing, we are equipped to provide you with the best possible service.

USDA loans in Maine offer several benefits, including:

Zero down payment
Lower monthly mortgage fees
No upfront fees when you apply for the loan
Minimal out-of-pocket expenses

If you’re interested in a USDA loan in Maine, our team can help you understand the process and your eligibility. Contact us today for a free consultation on your home-buying options. We can walk you through the process step by step and answer any questions you may have. With years of experience in navigating the home-buying process, our Loan Officers are here to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Refinancing Options

Some homeowners decide to refinance their mortgage because it allows them to refresh their loan amount and terms. With a lower interest rate, you can save money over time on your monthly payment. 

Apart from this, there are several reasons why people consider changing from an FHA or VA mortgage to conventional loans. These include:

  • Equity 

FHA loans often burden borrowers with mortgage insurance.  However, if you build at least 20% equity in your home, converting to a conventional loan can help you get rid of these insurances. 

  • Reduction in the loan term

Refinancing allows you to reduce the loan repayment term. So, if your loan term is around 30-years, you can potentially mitigate it to 15-years. This particular way, you can repay your mortgage faster and even reduce monthly payments!

Refinancing your home’s existing mortgage allows you to pay off old mortgages with more favorable tax advantages while taking out a slightly larger one. You might be able to take advantage of lower interest rates, change up which type of property insurance policy works best for your family’s needs, or even get rid of private financing altogether—depending on your circumstances.

Find out exactly

The Kind Of Property Loan You Need

Finding the right loan for you is an essential step in the home buying process. But before you make a choice, ask us for help!

Call our friendly team at Integrity Mortgage, LLC (in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Florida) today for a free consultation on your home buying options. You can talk with an experienced Loan Officer and learn what’s best for you. 

We can also take the mystery out of the mortgage process by putting it in perspective. The Loan Officer will walk you through the process step by step. Our Loan Officers have years of experience in navigating the home buying process.

As a trusted Maine mortgage lender, we have years of experience in the home-buying process and are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need. So if you’re ready to take the first step towards homeownership, give us a call today and let us help you make your dreams a reality.

Integrity Mortgage Welcomes New Branch Manager Casey Hamlin


“A homecoming of sorts gives a growing company another gear to grow by welcoming a top producer back to the fold.”

Casey Hamlin has joined Integrity mortgage with a vision of taking the mortgage experience to a new level of service for the consumer. Casey has been in the mortgage business over 16 years in various roles in the production/origination side of the business. During that time, he has honed his skills on how to bring the best customer service during what is often an emotional and exciting time, that of homebuying. He exceeds in teaching and training all those who have worked with him, pushing them to be the best they can be in the mortgage business. His vision has been developed and refined over the years in the various roles at the great companies he has worked for. He will join the management/ownership team of Integrity Mortgage and provide fresh perspective while working on exciting ideas on how to grow the company in today’s new world.

Quote from Casey:

“I am moving to the next step of my journey of direct input in how a company operates in the competitive field of mortgage origination. This opportunity is the right fit for me now to share my vision on how the mortgage business needs to operate in today’s world of electronic business. A balance of the speed and convenience of today’s electronic world with old school communication and guidance, gives a customer confidence in their biggest purchase.”

About Integrity Mortgage LLC:

We are a team of experienced, reliable, and dedicated lenders. We are based in Portland, Maine, and service all of Maine, Massachusetts New Hampshire, and Florida. We are comprised of many well-known loan officers that have come together from great companies with teams of lenders that have many years of combined experience. The addition of Casey Hamlin and his team; bring the next level of success to Integrity Mortgage. We pride ourselves on providing a lending process where every aspect is handled under one roof, with local decision making. From the beginning of our initial conversation to signing the papers at closing- our team is handling the entire process locally. Our top priority is to make sure you feel supported every step of the way while providing you with a hands-on and stress-free home buying experience. Whether you have been through the home buying process before, or this is your first home purchase- We will be your compass guiding you every step of the way.

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