Leslie Lyden

Loan Officer

About Leslie Lyden

Leslie is passionate both in her personal and professional lives.  After growing up in Maine, she was fortunate enough to travel around the country working in a variety of health education and wellness fields.  She has always believed in recognizing the importance of individuals’ personal “well-being.”  Her philosophy is that “well-being” is multi-layered, including not only physical health and mental health but also financial health.  

After spending over 20 years helping others achieve their optimal physical health, Leslie was presented with the opportunity to help people focus on their financial well-being.  After completing intensive education and training to become a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, she is looking forward to the opportunity to help people secure their financing to purchase their first home or their dream home.  

Leslie continues to be a detail-orientated and task driven individual, with the ultimate goal in helping others. She hopes to have the opportunity to help YOU finance your new home or refinance your existing home.

Leslie Lyden

Morgage Loan Originator 
MLS# 2053117




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