Integrity mortgage, LLC Announces Rebrand

Press Release

Integrity Mortgage, LLC

Two well-known Portland, Maine based Mortgage companies merge under one

brand – Integrity Mortgage, LLC

Portland, Maine: September 1, 2021, Integrity Mortgage, LLC 

Long time local owners John Jordan and Phil Laughlin were among the original partners that created First Financial Mortgage in 1996. In 2014 First Financial Mortgage acquired The Mortgage Office, located in Yarmouth, Maine and welcomed Steve Lavallee and his team to create an even stronger presence in the mortgage industry. The company had been affiliated with national mortgage companies since 2009 which is why in 2017 John and Phil created Integrity Mortgage, LLC in preparation of separating from these larger national mortgage firms. They successfully launched Integrity Mortgage, LLC with First Financial Mortgage as a registered tradename in February of 2019.

The first geographic expansion was to join forces with Brendan Hickey and the Approved Home Mortgage team and merge under one brand, Integrity Mortgage, LLC.

With the combined mortgage experience of the sales teams and strong support staff offered by both companies, it made perfect sense to join under one brand to better serve our client base in a reputable and efficient way.

First Financial Mortgage and Approved Home Mortgage are now solely Integrity Mortgage, LLC. We are a team of experienced, reliable, and dedicated lenders. Integrity Mortgage, LLC. is based in Portland, Maine and services Maine, New Hampshire, and Florida.

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When it comes to purchasing a home, we have a team of experts who assist both buyers and sellers in meeting the close date. We work with all parties to make sure that everyone is satisfied during this process!

Every one of our lending specialists is knowledgeable, able to connect with people through listening and discussing, and are equipped with the tools and information necessary to make the best mortgage decisions.

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There is nothing worse than to arrive at your closing only to be told that you don’t qualify for the mortgage you wanted. That is why we want to ensure that our loan officers, borrowers, and every other employee at Integrity are all on the same page and working to do the right thing for you, our customer.

The Mortgage Toolbox is a tool that helps you estimate how much your monthly mortgage would be. You can find out what kind of home loan to get and how big the down payment should be.